• The Hot Side
  • 1. Still Can't Buy Me Love
  • 2. Gorilla (gorilla)
  • 3. Tandem Bike
  • 4. Murder She Wrote
  • 5. View Master
  • 6. Cool
  • 7. Math
  • 8. Just Another Cliche
  • The Cold Side
  • 1. Renoir Song
  • 2. Rats Live On nO eviL staR
  • 3. Three Monkeys
  • 4. Jeff's Corner
  • 5. Stranger in the Mirror
  • 6. Lemon Oh's Song
  • 7. Baby's Head
  • 8. Private I

Click HERE to download the album artwork for the Rand and Adam Tape.

    Seriously, it's horrible. Hardly even worth listening to. Don't waste your time.

The Rand and Adam Tape (Poor man's copyright) (1993)

This is where it all began. Rand and Adam wrote these 16 very silly songs the year after they got out of college, and recorded them on a stereo tape deck with a Radio Shack Spring Reverb box. They then mailed themselves a copy of the tape, which someone had told them would protect them from plagiarism. The 50 original copies of the tape were hand-painted by Rand and Adam, and as it turned out the acrylic paint they used melted in car tape decks, causing the tape to become stuck in the car stereos of virtually everyone who owned it. One person even claims his stereo was stolen with the tape stuck in it.

Here's what Rand had to say about it in 1998:

Poor Man's Copyright was recorded in the waning hours of 1992. Up to that point, Adam and I had written a whopping 16 songs and were nervous that we would die before anyone (least of all, us) would ever get to hear them. So we did what any aspiring garage musicians would do: we set up a lame recording mechanism and played the songs. Ostensibly, it was to audition drummers and bass players, but we all know it was for primarily masturbatory purposes.

At any rate, here we are, six years later, and I still can't play the guitar. What's weirder is that even though Adam and I have a rhythm section and two cds behind us, people still want the "Rand and Adam Tape."

This tape is poorly recorded and at places even more poorly performed. It's live and neither of us had played guitar for more than a year. It's got sixteen songs, six of which have been rerecorded in one form or another on Ookla's cds, four of which may eventually appear on an Ookla cd, and six of which you're unlikely to ever hear again outside of this tape. (Which means, a) they're collector's items, and b) they suck.) If you're not already a fan of Ookla the Mok, I'd advise you to stay well clear of this. You have been warned.

Live at Windycon
Released October 3, 2017

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